A Thousand Dollar Ice Cream Sundae!

Ice Cream is one of the most loved desserts in America.  And its not just children who love this fine dessert but everyone from all walks of life.  The thing about Ice cream is that it makes people happy, its tastes great and takes a persons worries and stresses away at least temporarily.   

When I eat Ice cream I always feel like a little kid again.  I get excited and feel a sense of childhood imagination and wonder.  I can see the world through rose colored glasses.  So basically I am an Ice Cream nut.

So being an Ice cream nut that I am, I came across the travel network on t.v and they were showing America’s best places to get ice cream.  Now usually I would pass the travel channel but I was hooked and continued watching.  I discovered that in New York they have a wonderful ice cream cafe called

Serendipity 3.  Now this store has soups,  how ever their speciality is their Ice cream sundaes.  They have many varieties of Ice cream sundaes that are at a fairly reasonable price however they have one sundae ice cream that is a thousand dollars that is called the Golden Opulence Sundae. 

                                               Golden Opulence sundae                

Rachel Jones states in “A thousand-dollar ice cream sundae? Why not?” that there is “Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream decked with exotic candies and truffles, dribble bittersweet chocolate with a 70 percent cacao content over it, top it with fruit-infused caviar and edible gold leaf, and serve it in a crystal goblet with an 18-carat gold spoon?”

I love ice cream I just can imagine myself or anyone spending a thousand dollars on an ice cream sundae. 



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